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The beginning of drilling operations on the Brulpadda-1AX re-entry well was announced by Africa Energy Corp., which holds a 4.9% effective interest in Block 11B/12B, on Thursday, December 27. News of the large Brulpadda gas find off South Africa’s southern coast has raised hopes that the local oil and gas sector may hold considerable economic treasure. Experts emphasise, however, that all environment risks need to be properly mitigated in the process of exploiting these resources. We have a strong position in the oil basin, so we have a couple of blocks in the Orange Basin and in South Africa the 11B/12B block where this discovery was made.” Opening a new petroleum basin For Total, Brulpadda was certainly a high impact well for opening up what they believe is a significant petroleum basin.

Brulpadda oil find

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The Flint and Tinder can be used with this oil to light the torches nearby the  Coconut oil is a natural way to help your hair grow longer, thicker, and faster. The vitamins and essential fatty acids naturally found in coconut oil nourish the scalp. Indulekha Neemraj Hair Oil Online: Buy Indulekha Neemraj Hair Oil at best Indulekha Neemraj Anti Dandruff Hair Oil HELPFUL 2people found this helpful. 7 Feb 2019 AOI) ("Africa Oil" or the "Company") is pleased to announce a significant discovery at the Brulpadda-1AX well on Block 11B/12B offshore South  20 Mar 2019 where to find more. Africa Energy was involved in one of the largest discoveries of the year at Brulpadda, off the coast of South Africa. oil rig. 7 Feb 2019 Africa Oil Corporation (a Canadian oil and gas company) said it has made a major discovery at the Brulpadda-1AX well on Block 11B/12B  Brulpadda-1AX discovery in February 2019 and returned to South Africa in August 2020 to drill up to three more wells on Block 11B/12B.

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Highly skilled and experienced engineers, extraction experts and Artisans, when production starts, both onshore and on the rigs. The Brulpadda find is at great depth, both below the sea surface and below the sea-floor.

Brulpadda oil find

Africa Energy New South African well could contain more oil

South Africa, Block 11B/12B. Block 11B/12B is located in the Outeniqua Basin approximately 175 kilometers off the southern coast of South Africa. The block covers an area of 18,734 square kilometers with water depths ranging from 200 meters in the north to 1,800 meters in the south. The Lower Cretaceous Post-rift Paddavissie Fairway, which contains the recent Luiperd and Brulpadda discoveries, is located in the southwest corner of the block. Since the discovery, American oil conglomerate, ExxonMobil, and Italian gas group, Eni S.p.A., are considering exploring their blocks nearby. South Africa will benefit from the gas find.

Brulpadda oil find

2021-04-20 2019-03-25 2020-10-28 2019-02-07 2020-11-11 Total and its Brulpadda partners will pay the regular 28% corporate tax on all taxable income from the find and a royalty of about 5% on the “transfer” of all oil/gas, which includes the 2019-02-08 2019-03-06 The Brulpadda well was drilled in approximately 1,400 meters of water and targeted two objectives in a deep marine fan sandstone system within combined stratigraphic/structural closure. Following success at the main objective, the well was deepened to a final depth of 3,633 meters and was successful in the Brulpadda-deep prospect. Brulpadda oil and gas find. The president ceremonially announced the Brulpadda oil and gas find and commented that, “This could well be a game-changer for our country and will have significant consequences for our country’s energy security and the development of this industry”.
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This is  28 Oct 2020 As highlighted by the map below, the Luiperd field is right next to the Brulpadda reserve, was discovered in 2019.

where to find more.

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Africa Oil - Cision

Dr Andrew Latham, vice president, global exploration Total has made a second discovery offshore South Africa in the Outeniqua Basin, following the Brulpadda discovery of 2019.


This is the second big find in Block 11B/12B, 175km off the southern coast of Mossel Bay. If the exploration is successful, a former CEO of MTN and the shareholders of HCI may be the main South African beneficiaries. For more articles, go to www.businessinsider.co.za. On Wednesday, Total confirmed that it had discovered a “significant” find of wet gas - gas that contains a small amount of oil - in the Luiperd prospect, located 175km off the southern coast of Mossel Bay. In 2019, drilling at the Brulpadda Prospect uncovered gas at depths of up to 3,633 meters. The following year, the Luiperd-1X exploration encountered gas at depths of up to 3,400 meters.

Kristine Trapp +46 8 5191 7927. Nyhetsbyrån Direkt French oil company Total has started drilling the Brulpadda-1AX re-entry well on Block 11B/12B offshore South Africa.