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aorta, f. anat. aorta. 1.

Elastic recoil of the aorta

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This property makes up the basis for “windcastle effect” in the aorta. The aorta distends in response to the high pressure blood pumped by the heart and recoils back thereby maintaining the pressure between 120/80 mm Hg. The elastance of veins is low. Elastic recoil refers to the lung's intrinsic tendency to deflate following inflation. A dense labyrinth of elastic fibers and other matrix elements within the lung parenchyma, along with surface tension at the alveolar air-liquid interface, confers this important mechanical property. In diastole, elastic recoil of the wall maintains the forward flow of blood against a closed aortic valve. The aorta's elastic properties are important in keeping to a minimum the load on the left ventricle and the rise in arterial pressure during systole. When an organ containing these fibers is stretched, the elastin fibers recoil (go back to their original length) and pull the organ back into shape.

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It was assumed that the tension in the wall of the aorta sections was equivalent to that recorded by the force transducer as the result of  During recoil of the aortic wall, this potential energy is converted to kinetic energy , propelling the blood within the aorta to the peripheral vasculature. The volume  17 Feb 2015 We aimed to quantify the contribution of elastic recoil to RV fi.

Elastic recoil of the aorta

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appreciable loss of elastic lung recoil as compared with healthy individuals. Eur Respir J., 1995, curve that could be recognized as closure of the aortic valves. The central problem is the loss of aortic elasticity; systolic pressure is increased and diastolic blood pressure (BP) is decreased because of the loss of elastic recoil  inoxidable, implantados en la aorta abdominal de conejos Conclusions: In cobalt chromium stents, elastic recoil was lower in overexpanded stents, whereas   During diastole, the aortic walls recoil. The recoil maintains the relatively high blood pressure in the aorta, even as the pressure drops significantly in the ventricles. When pressure falls during diastole, the elastic fibers recoil, returning the wall of aorta to its normal thickness and decreasing the diameter of lumen of the aorta. aorta to establish that SC administration had been effec- tive in weakening the When the lung recoil pressure during continuous inflation was calculated, the  and 10 atm, respectively, in the abdominal aorta of New Zealand rabbits fed a hypercholesterolemic third of the luminal diameter caused by elastic recoil in an. 30 Abr 2018 Steel Stents in the Abdominal Aorta of Hypercholesterolemic Rabbits Results : In group 1 of cobalt chromium stents, mean elastic recoil was  The alternate expansion and elastic recoil of an artery with each systole of the left The pure blood from the left ventricle is taken away through the aorta to all  KEY WORDS: Angioplasty, elastic recoil, intimal hyperplasia, restenosis, stent implantation.

Elastic recoil of the aorta

Each tissue in the body contains cells of different types that are specialised to suit their function.
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1 Suspend a ring of artery from a hook on a clamp stand.

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16 PP Millasseau Clin. Sci. 2002:103.

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The media, for short, is made of between five to seven layers of smooth muscle, surrounding the lumen of the aorta, and elastic tissue.

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